sinewave slicer's corner

hi! i'm sinewave slicer, though most people just call me sinewave or sine.

日本語しか話せない方はDeepLで訳してください。日本語はわかりません。ありがとうございます!/ for those who don't understand English well enough, please feel free to translate this site using DeepL, which is a lot better than Google Translate!

note for the discord icon: it links to a private server for friends of mine! you'll need my permission to view anything inside. contact me: sinewave#8888


  • name: sinewave slicer

  • age: 22

  • country: germany

  • things i like: food, games, music, art

  • things i dislike: constant complainers

  • languages: german, english

games i like

  • Tetris

  • Etterna

  • Magia Record

  • Fate/Grand Order

  • and a few more, i guess

more info about those can be found with the button below!

info about games i play


  • i like to think i'm good at it

  • tgm1 GM, normal and 20G

  • did the secret grade pattern in lots of games but never to completion

  • currently just playing random modes and with random rotation systems

  • tgm4 never :(


  • i chart things! check out my stepcharts by clicking the "stepcharts" button at the bottom.

  • fuck charting metas

  • forever mid-high d5

Magia Record
NA only. Sorry!

  • the gacha game im currently the most active in

  • please let me headpat felicia

  • fuck you alina. you bumbling buffoon. you fucking idiot. stop having great character design while having the equivalent of a burning dumpster as character

  • this game is a lot more fun for me to play than F/GO because it's just easier to farm honestly

  • player ID: d4JyKB78

Fate/Grand Order

NA Server:

  • first completely maxed out Helena! 2000/2000 Fou, Lv100, NP5, 10/10/10, Bond 10

  • semi-retired, however. i can't play the game for as long anymore and i'm not interested in farming

  • way too many kaleidoscopes, 2 MLB

  • will accept friend requests from everyone, including new players, if i have the space for them!

  • friend code: 520,372,607

JP Server:

  • even less active than on NA

  • i keep forgetting i have skadi somehow

  • still not a single kaleidoscope from the gacha WHY DID I PULL 13 ON NA SO FAR

  • friend code: 451,200,318

don't follow my twitter if...

  • you like to complain about things unnecessarily

  • you don't like seeing things that might be R-18 (i try to not RT lewds but i WILL talk about lewd things)

  • you are a drama magnet

if you meet the requirements above, shoot me a follow! generally easy to follow, but sometimes people still surprise me. lol